Revolutionizing health care in data processing, operational efficiency, and patient care.

By bringing computational power and data analytics closer to the point of care, edge computing enables real-time analysis and decision-making.

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Edge computing holds immense potential for revolutionizing the health care industry, offering a wide range of benefits in terms of patient care, data processing, and operational efficiency. By bringing computational power and data analytics closer to the point of care, Optra Edge by Lexmark enables real-time analysis and decision-making. This allows for immediate processing and response to critical health data, such as patient vitals, medical imaging, and wearable device information.

With Optra Edge, health care providers can deliver personalized and proactive care by analyzing patient data at the edge, facilitating real-time monitoring, early detection of anomalies, and timely interventions. The Optra platform also enhances data security and privacy by minimizing the need for data transfer to the cloud, ensuring sensitive patient information remains secure within local networks.

Moreover, Optra Edge enables remote patient monitoring solutions, de-escalation of hostile staff engagements, facilities and equipment location, and continuous health monitoring. This empowers patients with 24/7 care and improved customer experience, reduces the burden on hospitals, and improves access to health care services. Overall, Optra Edge has the potential to transform health care by enabling real-time decision-making, enhancing patient outcomes, improving operational efficiency, and advancing the delivery of patient-centric care.



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Optra Edge Benefits for Health Care

Real-time patient monitoring

Optra Edge enables real-time analysis of patient data and activity levels. By Processing this data at the edge, healthcare providers can monitor patients continuously, detect abnormalities, and trigger immediate interventions, improving patient outcomes and reducing the risk of adverse events.

Remote patient care

Optra Edge facilitates remote patient monitoring and telemedicine solutions. By processing data at the edge, healthcare providers can remotely monitor patients, and provide timely healthcare services to individuals who are geographically distant or have limited access to healthcare facilities.

Hospital staff safety

Optra solutions can be used to de-escalate workplace violence, and minimize fear in medical staff personnel. By enabling real-time staff alerts and faster access to security and support personnel, staff and patient satisfaction scores improve, employee turnover and absenteeism are reduced, and facility productive is improved.

Enhanced data security and privacy

Optra Edge minimizes the need for sensitive patient data to be transmitted to the cloud. By processing data locally at the edge, healthcare organizations can ensure greater data security, protect patient privacy, and comply with regulatory requirements, reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access.

Emergency response and critical care

Edge computing enables real-time analysis of data from emergency response systems and monitoring devices in critical care settings. By processing this data at the edge, healthcare providers can rapidly detect emergencies, initiate timely responses, and deliver critical care interventions, potentially saving lives in time-critical situations.

Healthcare IoT applications

Optra supports the deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) devices in healthcare settings. By processing data from various IoT devices, such as smart beds, infusion pumps, and monitoring equipment, at the edge, healthcare providers can optimize device performance, monitor equipment health, and ensure seamless integration of IoT technologies into patient care workflows.

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