Download the User’s Guide

Download the Optra Edge User’s Guide to learn how to set up your Optra Compute 500/550/CX1000 or Optra VZ1000/VZ5000 device.

Download User‘s Guide
Optra User's Guide

1Create a Portal Account

Open a web browser, go to and create your account.

2Set Up Your Device

Turn on your device and use the embedded Control Panel to connect it to your network.

Set Up Your Device

3Add Your Device to the Portal

In the Optra Edge Portal, navigate to the Devices page , click the “Enroll Device” button and follow the steps to enroll your device in the portal.

Add Your Device to the Portal

4Discover Skills

Browse the Optra Edge Marketplace for prebuilt skills that you can install on your device. Add a skill to your library to use it on your device.

Discover Skills

5Create a Workflow

Create a workflow to install a skill onto your device.

Create a Workflow

6Dig Deeper

Customize your skill, add cameras, trigger actions and more…

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Dig Deeper